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Job Pitch

Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect

How do you sell, persuade or move people to action? What actually makes you a person of influence? Perhaps you want to promote an idea, a project or a concept. Maybe you are looking to create a more intriguing presentation to sell a product or service that will help you access more challenging decision makers. Whatever your purpose — be it professional, academic, political, philanthropic, or personal, you can learn to craft a fresh, brief, and persuasive message that generates tangible results.

A vital element in moving people to action and creating influence is your ability to build and deliver a thought provoking presentation. From elevator speeches to formal sales presentations you can craft a more compelling message. One that is persuasive rather than just informative.

Don’t just think of an elevator speech as a generic tool you use in chance moments-consider the concept as a strategy to manage multiple talking points and to communicate more complex ideas as well.

Terri L. Sjodin’s book, Small Message, Big Impact: The Elevator Speech Effect, provides an entertaining, straightforward, and practical how-to guide on effectively communicating your critical message in a short period of time. She gives you an inspiring new perspective on the power of what she calls the Elevator Speech Effect and shows you how to employ this amazing little tool to create influence in today’s market.


In this book you will learn:


  • How to build a compelling and persuasive case using six of the most consistently effective arguments in today’s market.

  • How to morph your elevator speech content and employ your best material in a variety of presentation opportunities, including the internet and social media platforms.

  • How to speak in your own authentic voice-it’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it.

  • This book includes outlines to help you craft your next talk, worksheets, a complete sample elevator speech, evaluation forms…and much more!



Job Pitch Competition


At this year’s Financial ConNEXTion Educational Cruise Conference, students who have read Terri’s book and who are not involved in the Career Exploration Competition will be competing against each other to see who has the most compelling job pitch. Each student will be given 3 minutes to tell us all about themselves and why we should choose to work with (or hire!) them. The top 3 students will win a prize. (Note: points are deducted for going over your allotted time. Check with Terri Getman for more information.)

1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $300
3rd Place: $100

Training Sessions


To help students prepare for the competition, we will be holding two training sessions by conference call before the cruise.  Student attendees will be contacted with more information on the dates and times of these training sessions.

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