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Webcast Series

Financial ConNEXTion Webcast Series
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The Financial ConNEXTion Education Conference & Cruise is back and improved. We’ve  incorporated a series of webcasts into the conference and open the webcasts to everyone. While the webcast is not as much fun as the interactive programs conducted on the cruise, we welcome your attendance. We hope the experience will entice you to consider participating in student Financial Services Career Exploration Competition and the 2024 seven-day educational cruise conference departing on Saturday February 24, 2024, from San Juan, Puerto Rico heading to the Eastern Caribbean islands.

On-Demand Webcasts
Webcast #1
Auto Insurance
Webcast #2
How to Build Credit
Webcast #3
Understanding Gift Taxation
Webcast #4
How to Paydown Student Loan Debt
Webcast #5
Buy, Borrow, or Lease a Car?
Webcast #6
Understanding Estate Taxation
Webcast #7
What to Know About Purchasing First Home & Mortgage
Webcast #8
Life Insurance 101
Webcast #9
Estate Planning Documents
Webcast #10
Reverse Mortgages Explained for Financial Advisors
Webcast #11
About the HECM Product
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